IMPORTANT: Hold shift down while clicking the Green Flag to turn on turbo mode. (Otherwise, playback will be uneven.)
Then, click the Green Flag to begin.
You can then click P and the music will begin playing. Now the fun begins!
(First of all, because Bach is fun, this fugue particularly so.)
Use the SPACE BAR to Play/Pause music.
Adjust the tempo by using the Left/Right Arrows on your keyboard. (Press T to choose a specific tempo)
Press and hold R for a temporary ritard.
Press and hold F to speed ahead temporarily.
To jump to a specific measure, press M and then enter a number from 1-34.
Poppy Bach (v.2)
To choose different instruments, press I. You'll have the opportunity to choose a single instrument for all three voice parts OR to set each part individually.
To transpose, press K (for key); you'll again have the opportunity to transpose all parts or to transpose each voice individually.
If that's not exciting enough for you, press D and the music will change key randomly every beat. Press D again to fix.
If that's not exciting enough for you, press Y and the music will change pitch microtonally every beat. Press Y again to fix.
You can also re-set all parts to the original key by pressing Z.
To view the score instead of the popcorn, press S. You can toggle back to the popcorn by hitting S again.
This program enables you to play with Bach's Fugue in C-sharp Major, BWV 872 (from Book II of The Well-Tempered Clavier). You can easily manipulate the tempo, key, and instrument for each voice, all while either watching the score or enjoying the sight of corn popping in rhythm.
Created by Michael Monroe.
Read more about it at:
View alternate popping model here.
You can also read about my "D-flat Major" version of the score