Click Green Flag to begin.
Click Red Button in Upper Left to re-set.
Click the pitch letters at top in order desired to create row OR, click the Green Button to get a random row.
Once the matrix is displayed, you can: 1) Click on the row headings to hear a row played. 2) Press P to show playback controls.
In playback mode, click in one of the four empty gray squares. When a square is flashing, click on the desired row heading to assign the row to the voice.
Hit SPACE BAR to play/stop playback selections. (This also works to stop playback of individual rows.)
Click the x0 to choose how many times the row is played through. (Or, press R to set repetitions.)
Click the noteheads to choose the rhythmic value per note. (Or, press L to set note length.)
Click the +0 to specify if you want a voice to be delayed by "x" number of beats. (Or, press D to set delay.)
MM's 12-tone Sandbox
Click green horizontal line once to move voice up an octave, twice to move down an octave, and again to return to original octave. (Or, press letter O to adjust octaves.)
Use the volume sliders in the left and right margins to adjust the balance among the voices. (Or, press V to adjust volume sliders.)
Press I to change instrument for all or individual parts.
Press C to clear playback settings but keep the same row.
Press 0 (zero) to hide playback controls.
Press T to change tempo. (Initial tempo is 120.)
Press E to show the row as exportable pitch list (right-click to export).
Press S to save project (row, matrix and your playback settings). You can then use this dialogue to import a previously saved file.
When importing, after you've opened the previously saved file, press M to complete import process.
Press X to exit most dialogue boxes.
This sandbox calculates and plays a 12-tone matrix either from your input or from a randomly-generated 12-tone row. You may then listen to up to 4 voices play variants of the row.
Created by Michael Monroe.
Read more about it at: